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Temperatures are dropping and leaves are beginning to fall in preparation for winter. The color contrasts in the Jessie are unbelievable, especially towards sunset.The zebras have finally made their return to the flood plains of Mana pools as the water further inland dries up. The wild dogs in the Vundu area have not disappointed us and we have spent many magical moments with a pack of (23) twenty three.   Lion sightings are now improving though still a bit spaced out, however they continue to serenade us through the night with their contact and territorial roars. Boswell the iconic bull of Mana pools has been sighted a couple of times and we have walked alongside him with the hope of seeing him perform his two legged stand up act, but this was not to be. The waters of Zambezi are getting clearer as the floods coming down Kafuwe and Chongwe rivers subside giving the Zambezi a dark mysterious tint. A four meter crocodile has been frequenting the inlet at Mucheni 4 but quick to take to the water when approached. A young female leopard was a welcome visitor in our camp at Mucheni (1) one just before dinner on the 5th of May and she was very relaxed as she graced us with her beauty and poise. Our early morning drives are starting a bit later now as the nights get longer. The first herds of buffaloes for this season have been sighted in the croton area. Elephants swimming to the islands have become a common occurrence and makes for a lovely setting at sunset. We looking forward to having a clearer view of the under bush as fall continues to take its toll leaving most of the trees¬† bare giving us amazing 270 degrees views of this glorious place that is Mana Pools.    

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